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                                                     INTRODUCTION & COMPANY POLICY

is the abbreviation of first letters of ANJUM, NAJUM, and AQIB’s names of three real brothers & AMITY for their commitment of Unity, Brother Hood & friendship. Founder of company Mr. Anjum Latif Chaudhary, Established A.N.A Amity Impex in 1993 - 94 with focusing on advancing healthcare by researching, creating, and producing innovations that improve human lives & to ensure that A.N.A Manufacturing & Supplies the premium Quality Dental, Surgical, Veterinary, Beauty Care Instruments & Implements to Professionals, Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Clinics, Laboratories, Institutions & valued Distributors to all over the World, While maintaining cost effective pricing without sacrificing customer services.

Our Vision:

believes in the importance of improving the efficiency, convenience, and comfort of corrective Dental treatment for both Medical professionals and patients Care. With keeping this vision, we continually evaluate our existing Products range time by time to ensure that we are providing the premium quality instruments based on latest technology & techniques. To become a leading organization known globally and recognized as “Best of the Partners” for providing best quality instruments.

Our Values:

  1. Open, honest, sincere & ethical best quality services.
  2. Winning Customers.
  3. Setting above average standards.
  4. Commendable & relay able for Clients & Stakeholders.
  5. Committed to level of Excellence.
  6. Trendsetter in Technology adoption.
  7. Employees are the OWNERS.

Our Mission: We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best instruments available so that our customers may concentrate on the art of healing. We are committed to cost effective pricing that we may do our share to control spiraling health care costs. We will not compromise on services, because excellence in customer is the hall mark of every outstanding Company.

Our Company involved in Manufacturing & Supplies of premium Quality Dental, Surgical, Veterinary, Beauty Care instruments & implements Instruments from last Eighteen years. A.N.A Dental Instruments are being made from the superior quality stainless steel in accordance with pGMP by FDA- USA, ISO-9001:2008, ISO-13485:2003 guidelines, CE Marking & INVIMA – Regulations, under the supervision of highly skilled, dedicated instruments craftsmen, experienced staff & management with great precision.

We take the quality of our instruments very seriously due to their application in surgery & maintain these high standards to ensure the best possible performance on the job. From designing to delivery, every effort is made to ensure that our valued customers receive instruments that are of superior quality and long life.

Our manufacturing facilities are fully equipped with all the advance techniques & technologies. Our experts are capable and skilled to make the Instruments as per Customers’ specific requirements and demands. We follow stringent quality control test, right from procurement of raw materials until the final product reaches to the customers’ with complete documentation & packaging is done as per International standards.

Registrations & Certifications:
In short span of time Company achieved certifications of pGMP by FDA USA, ISO-9001:2008, ISO-13485:2003, CE Marking Registration / Certification, INVIMA - Columbia & also got corporate memberships of relevant International Trade bodies as well SCCI & SIMAP, Pakistan.

A.N.A’s Quality Policy undertakes the responsibility for :

  1. 100% Customer Satisfaction.
  2. To ensure that all our productions & relevant proceeds fully run accordance our approved quality managements systems.
  3. In time deliveries, prompt respond to inquires, and focus on continuous improvement in instruments manufacturing, through innovative approach and use of latest technology & techniques to meet the Global standard requirements.
  4. Employee’s care, through handsome remunerations and best working environment.
  5. Elimination of Child labor in accordance with International Labor organization Standards.
  6. Comply and implement the Local, Legal, Trade Bodies, Government, and International Standard Procedures during the process of workmanship.
  7. To become a symbol of Trust for Customers around the Globe, we believe that Faith & Tenacity of purpose, Unflinching determination, Steadfastness, Dedication, Hard work & Iron will are the keys to success.
  8. Continued efforts for improvements in our Quality System.

A.N.A’s Quality Management System:
For all of our products, A.N.A Amity Impex, claims application – related functionality, a high standard of quality and intelligent handling. A total quality management system ensures that all processes from development to processing customer complaints are controlled on a customer oriented basis. The monitoring of products quality at all stages of production from incoming materials, delivery to the final inspection is an indispensable part of our quality regulations. A.N.A Amity products are subjected to the check at the end of their manufacturing process. The focus of our activities is our customers with their quality expectations concerning our products, services and processes.

Customer 100% Satisfaction is our Top priority.

Our highest efforts are always to provide defect free Instruments, which remain in their prime working condition for a long time. You can expect years of trouble-free service from you’re A.N.A “TGP”(Top Grade for Professionals) instruments; and if a problem should arise, our customer care department will take 100% care of that.

We also maintain close personal interaction with each of our valued customer, providing necessary product manufacturing & material information for their convenience. We work to add value to our client's business and build long term relationships based on high quality product range, in-time delivery targets and excellent back up of after sales services. We continuously strive to make our Distributors & Customers ultimate successful so we certain and appreciate any and all suggestions and recommendations as customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Focusing on Market Needs:
In the light of our expertise based on last two decades, we have developed three lines to cater the market requirement and demands. First line is based on A.N.ATGP’ (Top Grade professionals) Instruments for all Dental needs and that comes in Satin Finish with warranty of 06-Years from the date of purchase.

Second line is based on A.N.ASSG’ (Standard Service Grade) Instruments for Dentist, Dental Clinics, Nurses, Journal Physician’s, Assistants & General Hospitals Needs and that come in Mirror Finish with warranty of 01-Year from the date of purchase.

Third line is based on A.N.AESG’ (Economy Service Grade) we developed few journal instruments in this range only to cater the market requirements. These instruments are cheap in prices & only for basic learners, students of Dentistry & relevant Institutions & recommended for single / unique usage, comes with warranty of workmanship.

Note: All the above instruments are also available with different kind of finishes & in packing as per customer’s specific requirement and demands.

Manufacturers, Exporters & Representatives of Premium Quality Surgical, Dental, Veterinary Instruments & Manicure / Pedicure Implements. If you don’t find, what you need in our loaded Catalogues, Please just provide us Master Sample or Technical blue print with material specification or simply provide us the reference number from any International standard Catalogue. We would produce a counter sample for your kind evaluation.

Our focus and strength is to serve our customers with the highest quality instruments at FACTORY DIRECT PRICES, on flexible payment terms making our customers very competitive in market place. A very considerable segment of our business is O.E.M / Private label so we help our customers who like to promote their name in market, with total support and great enthusiasm.

A.N.A Product Warranty:
We take the quality of our instruments very seriously due to their application in surgery & maintain these high standards to ensure the best possible performance on the job. From designing to delivery, every effort is made to ensure that our valued customers receive instruments that are of superior quality and long life. We follow stringent quality control test, right from procurement of raw materials until the final product reaches to the customers.

These strict and tight measures give us the ultimate confidence & ability to offer all our valued customers warranty on all our A.N.A ‘TGP’ & A.N.A ‘SSG’ instruments product range to be free of functional, defects in workmanship and material when used for its intended purposes in Dental Surgery or Care. Any A.N.A Instruments or product that proves defective in workmanship or material will either be repaired or replaced, at A.N.A discretion, without any charge.

Our Instruments are guaranteed against function failures as:

  1. UN sharp cutting edges.
  2. Grip, spread, pull, bend or retraction of instrument, if not functioning properly.
  3. Rust areas on instruments.

Such instruments will be replaced or repaired free of cost. You just provide us Purchase bill or Invoice of that instrument to get your warranty & guarantee rights.

Important Care for Guarantee rights:

Please sterilize your instruments procedurally after every use, to avoid rust. Please use the instruments for their intended use; they are not made for experiments. Used as screw driver, tin opener, drilling in any hard or uneven surface, cutting non relevant hard objects, fallen down and lost accuracy etc. Are guaranteeing void.

Instrument Return Policy & Procedure:

If any A.N.A Amity Instrument has not met your requirements & you want to return it or replace it. Please contact our customer care department, within 90-days, for authorization to return it. The instrument would not be replaced or repaired under the following conditions.

  1. If the instrument is used for any other purpose expect for those for which it was designed for: example if it is used as a screw driver or tin opener etc.
  2. If the instrument is misused in any form.
  3. If the instrument is returned without all of manufacture’s seals.
  4. If the instrument is returned by anyone other than the original purchasing company, our Sales representative or approved distributor at your territory.

To return any A.N.A instrument you would have to receive prior authorization from our sales representative at your territory or you can contact our customer care department by Tel: 0092 52 4564127, Fax: 0092 52 4261027 or email us on and please also cc it on & for further follow up.

Customer Care Department:

Our customer Care Department is located in head quarter of A.N.A Amity Impex, at A.N.A Square, Airport Road Miradpur, Sialkot -51360, Pakistan, Our efficient customer personal are available from 08.a.m till 06p.m. Monday through Saturday local Time, to provide & facilitate you with the following services.

  1. Authorization for the return Instrument.
  2. Order Booking & Handling inquiries.
  3. Product Information & price quoting.
  4. Up to date to customers regarding their orders & deliveries status.

You can reach our customer care Department by Tel: 0092 52 4564127, Fax: 0092 52 4261027,
Mobile: 0092 300 8618654, Email:,,

A.N.A Care & Handling Instructions for Instruments:

Valued Customers:
Concerning your question on why staining, pitting or rusting can develop in stainless steel instruments, there are some Basic points for the care and handling of Dental instruments which extend the life of the instruments. Eliminate staining or corrosion and lower the cost in use.

These are as follow:
1. Instruments should be rinsed as soon as possible after use to remove blood, serum and saline. Do not use a sponge     basin as any residue from normal saline solution can cause corrosion to develop over a period of time.

2 Instruments should be thoroughly dried after cleaning and before wrapping or storing, as moisture left in the box locked    or serrations can cause rust or corrosion to develop.

3 Do not leave instruments in a cold sterilization soak solution for extended periods as these solutions tent to be corrosive    (after cold sterilization, rinse the instrument in distilled or dematerialized water and dry thoroughly).

4 If using cold sterilization technique, change the solution according to directions as prolonged use will cause the solution    to become corrosive.

5 Do not use caustic cleaners or any other cleaner except those specified for cleaning surgical instruments.

6 Do not clean instruments with steel wool or scouring powder, or use him ph detergents. If cleaning by Hand, use    specific instruments cleaner or a natural detergent soap and a soft brush (rinse with Dematerialized or distilled water).

7 Check your autoclave iron. Sodium, calcium, magnesium or copper if your water can cause spotting, Staining or    corrosion to occur, in hard water areas, clean the line deposit from steam lines periodically or use distilled or    dematerialized water for your autoclave, in stall steam filters if possible. It will remove must of dirt, rust & pipe scale.

8 Make sure your muslin wraps are rinsed sufficiently (6 to 8 time) by the laundry to remove all chlorine Bleach as any    residue can cause staining or corrosion during autoclaving.

9 Do not leave instruments in the following solutions for extended periods as corrosion can result.

A) Aluminum, radium, calcium, ferrous or stannous chloride solution.
B) Phenol, Lysol or lording
C) Dakin’s solutions or zephirn.
D) Any acid, mercury or potassium solution.

10 Do not sterilize stainless steel instruments with chrome plastid instruments if possible, as any break in the surface of the      chrome dissimilar metals, causing pitting and / or a rusty appearance to develop.

11 Preheat instruments in autoclave before allowing steam to enter, if possible, to prevent and excessive
     amount of condensation forming on the surface of the instruments.

12 Don’t open autoclave too quickly after the sterilization cycle as excessive condensation will develop on the surface of      the instruments (crack the clave if to allow the drying before opening fully.) If you follow the above rules and use      instruments cleaners and lubricant milk such as our A.N.A Amity products, your instruments should remain rust, spot      and stain free, I hope this will answer any questions you might have on this topic.

A.N.A Care & Handling Recommendations for Instruments:
* Brand new instruments should be cleaned prior to first sterilization.
* Contaminated instruments should be processed as soon as possible.
* Stubborn protein particles can be removed with a scrub brush. Do not use steel wool, abrasives or an acid rinse.
* All joints on instruments prior to preparation.
* Lubrication us vital to a long instrument life. Avoid silicon lubricants because they tend to build up and mix with debris     to clog moving parts, which becomes almost impossible to remove. debris buildup can have a “rust-like” Appearance.
* Rinse your cleaned instruments in dematerialized water. Be sure to remove all residual-cleaning compounds
    before sterilization, as they can cause stains.
*  Dry the instruments thoroughly after rinsing.

Online Ordering:

It’s now easier than ever to order A.N.A products online. Just log onto our website at to get started. You can also search for our products by item number or keyword. Your easy ordering is just a mouse click away from us.We offer our Instruments at most competitive prices with standard of quality which are dually guaranteed under a legal cover. Please assist us in maintaining our A.N.A quality by informing us about any imitations.

Thank you for your patronage of our Company. We truly value and appreciate the trust and confidence you have reposed in us. We thanks in advance for allowing us the opportunity to serve you with zeal & zest.

With Best Regards,

A.N.A Amtiy Impex.



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